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"HellStone no Fansub" (Mission)

"We HellStone no fansub worked as a team under the rule of thumb that each of the fansubs should follow which is that our work of fans for fans"

"One of the primary goals of HellStone fansub is not taking those sleeves that have been abandoned or that have not yet been fansubeados to the Spanish"

"HellStone no Fansub"

Hi to all present in this community page

Today I have the honour and the joy of opening official site of HellStone no fansub, as well as a thank you to each of the members of staff for helping us further our fansub. With the opening of our page we take a step forward in the improvement of our fansub, to celebrate the start of our fansub I would show what I call the "history of HellStone no fansub"

Foundation. 2012-04-12 09:56:05, "I" known as eltiokkshi (now also as edo-taichou) start with the idea of creating this fansub officially in mcanime, under the conviction that there are too many series that are worth to be translated to the Spanish in the world.

First projects. Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 23:57, takes place the first official draft of our fansub known as Wrestle! The Under Ground. Friday 30 March 2012 @ 15:27. Our second known project is launched Sore ga kanojo no seigi nara.

The increase in projects. 02 Apr 2012 11:21 pm. With the need to increase the speed of our fansub began recruiting partners and colleagues to be able to carry out our mission. In our projects we become able to add to:

Come eat Vanilla!

Baby Princess

Haru Polish


AO no exorsist

Cage of eden



Inauguration of our first official website. Sunday, may 6, 2012, thanks to the efforts of our fellow Sebassoccer1996 we can have our first official website.
Inauguration of our second official website. date unknown. Due to some problems, it was decided to make another emergency official page.
We reach 200 published chapters. Sunday, September 02, thanks to the collaboration of all staff managed to reach the 200 chapters of publication.
We meet one year as a scan.
Opening of our third official website. date unknown. Due to some problems, it was decided to make another emergency official page.
We reach 500 published chapters. Friday, may 3, 2013. With the chapter number 42 of lessa arrived at the large number of 500 published chapters

To finish this speech I would say in a nutshell who we are

"we as members of the Hellstone fansub are not a group of fansubers with the aim of translating manga to Spanish for you with the satisfaction that we do of fans for fans" works in Spanish


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